Station consists of all the machines that are available to be used and configured to get the data coming in.

Generally, all the available PLC Stations are found under the two main subcategory:

  • Sawmill
  • Planermill

Under Sawmill and Planermill, there could be multiple machines based on the site setup and the data that needs to be retrieved.


Sawmill usually have certain common machines that are available on most site. Namely:

  1. Cut Off Saw
  2. Debarker(s)
  3. Edger
  4. Gang
  5. Primary(s)
  6. Sorter
  7. Stacker
  8. SM Queries (General queries for a Sawmill)

All of the above machines collects data from the PLC with its associated machine and get the data stored into a raw table for further processing.


Planermill in most cases has:

  1. Planer
  2. Soorter
  3. Stacker
  4. Tilthoist
  5. PM Queries (General queries for a Planermill)

The stations represent different machine that is available to perform a specified task for either Sawmill or Planermill.

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